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How to Win

As I’m sure you know, we’re in this period right now where we are into multiple offers on a lot of properties. And the number one question I get from buyers is, “What can I do to make myself stand out from other offers, especially in a multiple situation?” My advice? Don’t just wish, hope and pray. Don’t just write a “love letter”, that obsequious (and often transparently insincere) device that has become practically required in submitting an offer. So what does “go beyond” mean? It means finding out what’s important to the seller. Do the extra research to discover what is important to that particular seller, and make sure that each and every thing that seller is looking for is in your offer. For example, is it important to the seller that he choose the escrow and title companies? Give that to him. What time frames does he want for the length of escrow and contingency period? Give that to him. Even if the seller would prefer the buyer to pay the city and county transfer taxes, which of course is not customary, maybe that’s something you want to consider. Take out a calculator and figure out if the cost of a concession up front may actually save you money in the long run – perhaps in the form a favorable outcome when it comes time for the Request For Repairs, because your generosity has softened the seller. Any of these things that acknowledge the thoughts and feelings of the homeowner – the more creative, the better – are sure to make your offer stand out, and almost certainly will give you a better chance of winning the day against competing offers.