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It All Begins with Trust

At Paul Margolis Luxury Homes, we believe in providing an experience second to none. It's our commitment to ensure a smooth, transparent, and results-driven real estate journey. Service is everything, and when you have our team's aggressive advocacy on your side, your needs will not only be met but exceeded. Whether you're buying or selling, we remove the stress from one of life's most significant transitions, and our loyalty to your best interest continues long after the settlement table.

"The absolute best real estate agent you could possibly have. Whatever problems arise, Paul always manages to find a solution that is in our best interest." - John Truby and Leslie Lehr, Best Selling Authors

When it comes to representing one of your greatest assets, you can feel confident that your home will be marketed to its fullest extent. We are world-class marketing experts, producing unparalleled real estate experiences that captivate. Our social media is growing exponentially and has harnessed attention from all corners of the globe. We leverage our platforms to produce cutting-edge content that results in unsurpassed reach.

From regional to internationally qualified prospects, PM Luxury Homes is capturing their attention. That kind of exposure is priceless.

It is essential to feel a sense of trust when working with a real estate agent. Our team proudly provides continuous transparency to secure optimal outcomes for you. We hope to have the honor of earning your trust and look forward to exceeding all of your expectations. If you're considering a move in the near future, contact us today.


Intensely, passionately, tirelessly committed to getting you the absolute best price and terms.

what clientsare saying

I recently was asked by two different people, one a buyer and one a seller, if I knew a good real estate agent to refer. In both cases, I felt the right match would be Paul Margolis. They are thanking me to this day and said he took care of every detail with expertise, thoroughness and people skills. It seems as though psychology plays a big part in real estate deals and Paul knew how to achieve...

Paul Margolis is a consummate professional. He is knowledgeable, thorough and attentive to the needs and concerns of his client through the whole real estate transaction process. I would highly recommend him.

Paul Margolis negotiated a fantastic price for the sale of my mother’s home. She passed away and it was an emotional and difficult time for me. Paul understood and looked out for my best interests every step of the way. His expert handling of several obstacles and his tenacity during escrow literally saved the deal. In a field where there are lots of big name realtors, lots of ads and many so ...

We were fortunate to meet Paul Margolis at one of his open houses. With his help, our offer to buy a property was accepted in a multiple offer situation, even though our bid was not the highest, and we closed on our own terms. We sincerely recommend Mr. Margolis for anyone looking for a nice peaceful experience.

As is typical in almost every real estate deal, both of our transactions hit stumbling blocks during some points in the escrow process. To us, each one seemed like an unresolvable crisis. But Paul remained cool and calm, always explaining the situation to us completely and simply, and presented possible solutions. Paul is always optimistic. Needless to say, we got through each of these situation...

The absolute best real estate agent you could possibly have. Whatever problems arise, Paul always manages to find a solution that is in our best interest. John Truby & Leslie Lehr, best-selling authors

I have referred Paul to several colleagues. They are thanking me to this day. As with the properties he handled for me, Paul took care of every detail with expertise, thoroughness and first-rate people skills. Mila Marburg, property investor and entrepreneur

The highest endorsement we can give is that the next time we are involved in any real estate transaction, we would not use anyone else but Paul. Sam & Arlene Norber, Beverly Hills attorney

In a field where there are lots of big-name Realtors, lots of ads and many so-called neighborhood experts, I have to say that Paul is the best. Ariella Herman, UCLA School of Business Management

Brianna, you are a consummate pro and so delightful to work with!
(PM Luxury Home Sales Advisor Testimonial)

I have known Brianna for many years and she is a delightfully warm, intelligent and charming lady who I have always found to be completely honest in her opinions and judgement. Brianna’s the first person I’d call to buy or sell a property in Los Angeles as I know she is extremely professional, reliable and hard-working on my behalf, as well as entirely confidential and trust-worthy.

Brianna is not only one of my favorite people in the world but one of the hardest working. In my World having trust worthy people around me is paramount. I’d trust Brianna with anything and everything. The only thing I don’t like about Brianna is her pictures from Aspen when I’m stuck in the rain in London working.

Brianna has qualities you rarely find today - she is thoughtful, ethical and eternally effervescent. In short, aside from her intelligence and commitment to excellence, she is simply a joy to be around. Her kindness is infectious and people are drawn to her warmth and her smile. No one will work harder to sell or find you your dream home!

What some might consider the most stressful decision of your life, Brianna made the experience a pleasure. Being a first time home buyer, Brianna was instrumental in guiding us through the whole process. We felt completely comfortable, never pressured or made to feel like a burden. Her talent for relationship building was central in getting the home we just bought! We will definitely be telling ...

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Last year, I had lunch with a wealthy Brit who told me a great story. He said he had recently interviewed a top real estate agent in London to discuss listing his Kensington mansion. The agent, apparently wanting to impress his prosp...

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Some of the homes I sell are pretty expensive. Right now, I have a $30 million listing on Rodeo Drive, and a couple others in the $7 million range. As lofty as these numbers are, they pale in comparison to some of the prime real e...

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Maybe you’ve seen it on the MLS: a luxurious home with gorgeous photos, often featuring a large, inviting lot. Everything looks great, right? Yet when you look for how much living space there is, you find the square footage listed ...

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Detective Work

Every home has a story. Not long ago, I was driving down El Camino Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills when I noticed an attractive old Spanish-style home that was quite a bit taller than any of the others on the block. Why, I ...

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Big Ticket

We don’t usually think of real estate this way, but the biggest pieces of property in the world are countries. By that definition, Queen Elizabeth, head of state of the United Kingdom and 31 other territories, is the largest lan...

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Sometimes money isn’t enough. Forced to compete in a seller’s market where multiple offers are the rule rather than the exception, buyers are doing whatever it takes to make themselves stand out. Enter the love letter. W...

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The thing I love most about being a real estate agent is the same thing that once filled me with dread and fear. Something so painfully out of character for me that I would do just about anything to avoid it. I’m talking about k...

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There is an art to writing a compelling property description, the kind agents create to drive traffic to a new listing and hopefully sell it quickly. What many unsuspecting buyers don’t realize is that certain phrases in those d...

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No Stone Unturned

I don’t think of myself as superstitious. Nevertheless, on the suggestion of a colleague, I recently ordered a small plastic statue of Saint Joseph from Amazon. As soon as it arrived, I drove to one of my biggest listings where, af...

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Up or Down

I went on a listing appointment yesterday. The home was attractive but modest with a nice location, a simple one-bedroom condo in Pacific Palisades not far from the ocean. The stylish elderly woman who lived there graciously invit...

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Homes represented by Paul Margolis have been featured on TV, across the web and in the world's most prestigious publications.