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Value Added

One of my favorite things when I wake up every day is to get on the computer and do deep research about properties. Looking at property profiles. Looking at the numbers. Doing title searches. I love to learn the story behind the story when it c...

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The Neighborhood Expert

What do you think about ‘the neighborhood expert’? Is that the person you go to if you’re buying or selling a property? Personally, I think the ‘neighborhood expert’ idea is antiquated. With technology the way it is now, it’s easy t...

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Mother Nature

Like the rest of the country, LA has been hard hit by climate change in the last year. First floods. Then fires. Now mudslides. More and more it seems that Mother Nature is demanding that we pay attention to her. We have only to look at our bea...

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How to Win

As I’m sure you know, we’re in this period right now where we are into multiple offers on a lot of properties. And the number one question I get from buyers is, “What can I do to make myself stand out from other offers, especially in a mu...

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